Nothing New January Check-In

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sustainable fashion
affordable, sustainable fashion, reduce textile waste, thrift, second hand, poshmark, budget

Sweater: Theory (similar Poshmark finds)| White shirt: Bonobos (Brother’s)| Boots: Louise et Cie (Poshmark find) (similar)| Skirt: Banana Republic (old)

Today is January 18, 2019, and that means we’re past the halfway point of Nothing New January! I want to share some of the feelings and thoughts I’ve had this month because, oh boy, have there been a lot of thoughts and feelings.

In the beginning, there. were. temptationsEVERYWHERE. The first week was the hardest because it seemed like there were sales everywhere, and a lot of bloggers were sharing really good sales. My sister was phenomenal in dragging me away from the sales. LOL

When it came to online shopping, I admit I browsed the sites of some of my favorite retailers. However, I reminded myself of this project and the reason I undertook this project: To cut down on the amount of textile waste I personally generate.

So with the help of my sister and the more mature me, I did not succumb to the temptations.

affordable, sustainable fashion, reduce textile waste, thrift, second hand, poshmark, budget

White shirt: Bonobos (Brother’s)| Boots: Stuart Weitzman (thrifted) (similar)|
Trench coat: Zara (old) (similar) | Jeans: KUT from the Kloth (similar)

Towards the end of the second week of January, temptations faded. I began feeling fueled by creativity. I was churning out outfit ideas constantly. I was having fun styling pieces I already own, and it’s still a blast!

In addition to being fueled by creativity, since I’m constantly styling a piece I own in multiple ways, I am learning what works for my body, what is worth keeping, and what I should get rid of. Decluttering is not something I foresaw when I decided to undertake this project, but I’m thrilled it’s happening.

affordable, sustainable fashion, reduce textile waste, thrift, second hand, poshmark, budget

Top: thrifted| Pants: Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen (here) | Shoes: Louise et Cie (Poshmark find) (similar heeled version – here)

In addition to decluttering, I am learning what essentials I need to add to my closet. For example, can you believe that I don’t have a white sweater? None! No white turtleneck, no white v-neck sweater, no white sweater whatsoever. I will also be needing a new gray sweater after this project is over. The LOFT turtleneck sweater I wear repeatedly has seen better days. I am also learning what accessories I need to add to my wardrobe – casual sneakers.

Dear me, for the love of all that is good, please add a pair of casual sneakers.

affordable, sustainable fashion, reduce textile waste, thrift, second hand, poshmark, budget

Sweater: LOFT (super old – similar)| Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie fit jeans (similar) |
Trench coat: Zara (old) (similar) | Shoes: Franco Sarto (here)
affordable, sustainable fashion, reduce textile waste, thrift, second hand, poshmark, budget

Sweater: Theory (similar)| Boots: Louise et Cie (Poshmark – similar)| Skirt: Ann Taylor (old – Vintage plaid one)

I’m also falling in love with certain brands through this project. I have been wearing the Theory cropped sweater (pictured above and in the first picture) repeatedly, and this has only spurred my love for the brand. Time and time again, I’ve heard that Theory pieces are of great quality, classic, timeless, etc. I truly started believing it after I touched and wore this sweater.

So what will come of Nothing New January? To be honest, I’m not sure yet. I still have a little less than two weeks left, so I have some time to think about my future projects. If you have any project/challenge ideas, please share them with me!

Thank you for reading!


    • I totally know what you mean, Natalie. Any time bloggers were sharing their finds on Instagram, my fingers were itching to click add to cart and check out. But I stayed strong! Haha. Good luck and stay strong! you can do it.


  1. It’s great you’re refraining from shopping to lower textile waste, that’s amazing.
    I try to shop my closet for much the same reason.


  2. You’ve done so well! I bought a handful of things this month, the sales have been too tempting! I’ll see how I go for the rest of the year, I am trying to spend less this year than I did last year so we will see how I go with that! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂 Our summer heatwave is continuing, today we are just resting at home in the aircon!

    Away From The Blue Blog


    • The sales really have been very tempting. I’m hoping that even if I don’t continue Nothing New January into February, I set and stick to a budget.

      Oh dear, I really hope the heatwave is over soon.


  3. I hope you can fill your closet holes once you can start shopping again! Good closet staples are so hard to find. I feel like I am always looking for the perfect staple and it takes many tries before I find one. I used to LOVE Theory and shopped at lot at Theory Outlet before I discovered LOFT. I still have a few pieces because they are classics as long as you take proper care of them.



    • Thank you! I do have some wonderful pieces. I just need basics like layering pieces, white sweaters, and casual sneakers. I either don’t own them or wore them out so they need to go.


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